Velvet room scene featuring Blanco, Grafite and Blanco Modul.

Product Description

Through lineal artistic strokes of monolithic coloration, Velvet offers fabric like, high gloss accent wall tiles. Available in three innovative, various color options, these 12″x36″, 12mm rectified wall tiles accentuate high tech modernism through ceramic interpretation.


Each installation recommendation, or method, requires a properly designed, constructed, and prepared substructure using materials and construction techniques that meet nationally recognized material and construction standards. Prior to installing any ceramic or porcelain tiles, please refer to written guidelines detailed in the current TCNA Handbook for Ceramic, Glass and Stone Tile Installation.

Velvet – Blanco 12″x36″

Velvet - Blanco 12"x36"

Velvet – Blanco 12″x36″ Modul

Velvet - Blanco 12"x36" Modul

Velvet – Grafite 12″x36″

Velvet - Grafite 12"x36"
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