Product Description

Dolomiti’s outstanding achievement lies in it’s ability to accurately depict the look and feel of marble stones. This series consists of four distinctive tones that are both texturally dynamic and highly detailed. It’s textural range includes a dense veining that helps accentuate its underlying earth tones in a variety of sizes that include 12×24, 16×32, 3×24 Bullnose and 2×2 mosaic on 12×12 mesh sheet. Dolomiti is produced with latest HD technology and can be used for commercial and residential applications.


Marmi offers the attractiveness of three distinctive marbles with the durability of porcelain stoneware. Calacatta White with the beauty of robust dark veining, Greystone Cream showcases the soft nature of popular beige marble, and Greystone Grey offers a rich fawn hue with exquisite movement. Three superb color options, available in 32″x32″, polished finish.

Dolomiti – White 12″x24″

Dolomiti – Grey 12″x24″

Dolomiti – Golden Grey 12″x24″

Dolomiti – Black 12″x24″

Dolomiti – White 16″x32″

Dolomiti – Grey 16″x32″

Dolomiti – Golden Grey 16″x32″

Dolomiti – Black 16″x32″

Dolomiti – White 3″x24″

Dolomiti – Grey 3″x24″

Dolomiti – Golden Grey 3″x24″

Dolomiti – Black 3″x24″

Dolomiti – White 2″x2″ Mosaic
on 12″x12″ Mesh Sheet

Dolomiti – Grey 2″x2″ Mosaic
on 12″x12″ Mesh Sheet

Dolomiti – Golden Grey 2″x2″
Mosaic on 12″x12″ Mesh

Dolomiti – Black 2″x2″ Mosaic
on 12″x12″ Mesh Sheet

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